This time for real!

October 4, 2008

If I had continued how I started roughly 18 months ago, I would probably be near completion with restoring my foreskin. However, due to the “hassle” of messing around with T-tapes I lost interest pretty quickly and stopped restoring after only about a week.

I am, now, going to have another try, and again I will blog about it here. One thing I have noticed over the last day or two, re-researching the topic, is how old the information is on the net. 99% of it hasn’t changed over the past 18 months and I cannot find any new diaries/blogs. So my motivation is providing something new for the community, as well as myself!

Right now, I have opted for the multiple O-Ring method. I have 3 rings that I bought from B&Q (did I mention I am in the UK?) in a pack for £1.08. There are about 10 in a pack of various sizes, none duplicated, so I will pop back down there sometime in the next couple of days so I have some spares. As I said, I can only fit 3 on at the moment as there isn’t an awful of skin to work with, but hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to start increasing this number.

Watch this space!

One comment

  1. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods and I have recently switched to the DTR. It is less expensive than the previous device I was using, but it stays on all day no problem and is made very well. The website has been updated recently. It has some good information on it and also shows a lot of the steps to make one yourself if you want to go that route. http://www.foreskinrestore.com


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