7 and a Stop

October 17, 2008

Well, I am up to 7 rings now- with the aid of a stopper fashioned from the tip of a baby bottle teat. The good thing about using the multiple O Ring method is you can actally measure your progress in real terms, without the guesswork.

At this rate I will be up to 8 rings by the end of the month quite comfortably, at which point I will start using some kind of packing, dropping back down to something like 4 rings and then working my way up to 8 and then increasing the amount of packing ad infinitum.

Sensitivity is beginning to return to the glans and the skin texture is beginning to change a little. It is now rather uncomfortable to have the glans exposed and rubbing against my clothes, so I am doing everything I can to make sure I am covered as often as possible. To this end, I am experimenting with ways of keeping covered at night time too, without having to stretch the skin (night erections etc). Someone on one of the forums suggested using the remainder of the baby bottle teat to hold the skin in place during the night, so I will be giving that a go tonight.

One comment

  1. Today is 3 November. I just started last Friday, 31 October. From everything I read at NORM and other places the O-ring method seems the most sane. Elastic contraptions and medical tape sound like a huge hassle to me.

    I thought I might have to go with a cone at some point until I read about packing. It’s so simple and easy. Just keep everything clean.

    My “before” picture would look almost exactly like yours, with enough loose skin that if I was totally flaccid the skin I have would mostly cover the glans when warm and sitting. I’m a “grower”.

    I figured manual stretching would take a few days to get me to the point of being able to use O-rings. I couldn’t get a good enough grip for the stretching I needed so I tried a 35mm film canister (Pill bottle method- no tape). That did the job and I could get a really good grip for stretching. I manually stretched for maybe 20 minutes over the course of 3 hours or so yesterday and noticed quite a bit of looseness so I tried an O-ring.

    As you know, the first one is a bit troublesome but finally went on. It’s 3/4″ ID with a 1/8″ thickness. I have about 10 of that size. After an hour I tried to put on another, but needed a keeper.

    I made one out of foam pipe insulation, the kind that’s a split lengthwise tube with sticky on the open edges. Put in O-ring #2, added the keeper and it worked great.

    Things kept loosening all day, and I eventually had 5 O-rings on, but it was pretty uncomfortable so I went back to 4.

    This morning I had a difficult time just getting the first one on, but after 1/2 hour #2 went on and then #3 after another 1/2 hour or so.

    I am using lotion to keep my skin soft and supple. Some mentioned using the stuff specifically made for strech marks.

    I need to buy some other sizes of O-rings, as 3/4″ x 1/8″ is the only size I have.

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