3 Month Update

January 3, 2009

Happy New Year foreskin fans! Sorry it has been so long since my last post but rest assured I am still restoring  as best I can and believe I am making good progress. I have recently started a new job and what with Christmas and all I haven’t really had the opportunity to bring this blog to front of mind.

This coming Monday will be 3 months since I started restoring and am currently still using the multiple o-ring method. With just o-rings on their own, I can fit around 13 or 14 on in one stack, but that is a little too many to be manageable or practical for general tooing and froing. I made myself a couple of packers out of Fimo clay which I started using when I could fit 8 rings on without packing. However, I am now finding that the packing along with half a dozen or so rings is starting to cause friction burns when used for any more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.

So, on New Years Day, I ordered a DTR, which I hope will arrive by the end of next week. Along with the burning, packing with o-rings is becoming a little too time consuming and cumbersome to be able to restore whilst at work, so I now need an alternative device, and after looking at what is available, I decided the DTR is the best one for my needs.

As far as photos go, I will try to do some later, however I’m not too sure they’ll show an awful lot of flaccid difference compared to the first batch taken in October. I was a CI-2 when I started and consider myself to be at the tail end of CI-3 now. Won’t be long now before I start rolling over- I hope!

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