Photos Month 0

On this page you will find my progress pictures.

Please note…


The following images are of a male penis in a flaccid, non-sexual (I suppose) state.

If you are easily offended by such images, or are under the legal age to view such images in your country then you should not continue beyond this text.

You have been warned!


October 2008

These photos are my “starting” photos. I have been restoring for only 3 days, and thus before any growth.




You can see from the picture above that I was fairly loosely circumcised and there is enough skin to create a few folds at the front. This picture was taken just after a shower.


Though a little blurry, you can see from this picture I have a decent amount of frenulum left from the cut.


This is with 4, 3/4″ Innner Diameter O rings just before I got into the shower.


This was taken a full 2 minutes after I removed the O rings. The skin only eventually rolled back when I got too excited that it stayed put lol. Straight after I removed the rings, the skin stayed put and stayed puckered over the glans for quite a while as the penis moved out from inside my body. You can just make out the red line where one of the rings sat. They’d been on for about 3 hours today.

Next pitcures will be at the beginning of November.

One comment

  1. Hi there,

    It’s CBM67 from http://www.restoreforeskin.org – looks like you’re making progress 🙂 I’ve just started with the o-ring method too, but was wondering if you could post some pics with your 7 (or 8 now? 🙂 ) rings and packing – just so I know I’m doing it right? Thanks and keep up the good work!


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