Comparison Photos

On this page I will place one photo from each time I take progress pictures. Please note that there are no photos to compare for month’s 1 and 2, but as you can see from the difference between month 0 and month 3, you’ve not missed much.


Please note…

The following photos are of a male penis in a flaccid non sexual (I suppose)state.

If you are easily offended by such images, or are under the legal age to view such images in your country then you should not continue beyond this text.


You have been warned!




October 2008 – Month 0


January 2009 – Month 3


  1. maybe a silly question: but i was wondering if you have noticed any growth in your erections (are you longer?) since you started restoring the foreskin? some sites claim that their penis gets longer. I have been restoring using t-tape since jan 1.

  2. I haven’t, no. I was fairly loosely cut so there wasn’t any real restriction with the tightness of my skin holding things in so to speak. I think those who were cut very tightly *may* see a slight increase in length with increased skin growth.

    All I’m seeing is more skin.

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