Photos Month 3

Below are the photos taken on 3rd January 2009, which is the 3 month mark. There are more photos this time round, including some that are approximately at the same angles as the photos taken at month 0.


Please note…

The following photos are of a male penis in a flaccid non sexual (I suppose)state.

If you are easily offended by such images, or are under the legal age to view such images in your country then you should not continue beyond this text.


You have been warned!




January 2009


This photo matches the first one in the October photos. This is the angle I will use for comparison along the journey from start to finish. There is a seperate photo page for the comparison photos.


This photo is a front view of the first photo. For reference, these photos taken today were taken after a day off and with only 10 minutes manual stretching this morning.


This matches the 2nd photo from October, showing the underside. As you can see there is more skin there and the photo is much clearer this time.


This is with 1 o-ring on as far as it will go. As you can see, there is plenty of loose skin now, albeit wrinkled.


Again with just 1 ring on, but I have pulled the loose skin out to show you how much there is.


This is with 10 o-rings on with no packing (I can’t find any more rings, they are so easy to lose!). The red thing is a teardrop shaped Fimo clay stopper which prevents the skin from retracting. There is still room for a few more rings to be put on. As you can see, this is a considerable difference from the corresponding October picture.


Taken 2 minutes after removing the 10 o-rings.


Same as above but from the front as a comparison to the 4th October photo.


This last photo is with 6 o-rings and a packer made from the Fimo clay. The packer is approximately the same size and shape as my glans in a flaccid state.

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